1. WALL, my new book comes out on Weds! This is one of my favourite spreads from inside

  2. A page from my new book WALL

  3. My book arrived today!!!

  4. My new book WALL comes out on the 1st of October. Keep an eye out for more. 

  5. Only 1 month till my new book ‘WALL’ with Templar comes out. Oct 1st! 

  6. kids reading my book in a primary school. 

  7. Here’s a preview of something I’ve been doing…

  8. The New York Times. Gabriel Chevalier - Fear 

  9. Illustration for Georgia State University Magazine. 

  10. I had the pleasure of making the artwork for the mighty ‘Throne’. They have a new EP out buy it here http://indianface.bigcartel.com/product/where-tharsis-sleeps. Thanks to Nicos Livesey for this one! 

  11. A hairy bloke going for a run for The Sunday Times Magazine

  12. Illustration in the FT today for a review of Joshua Ferris ‘To Rise At A Decent Hour’

  13. Here are some of the small illustrated assets for the London Map I made which is coming out soon! 

  14. I’ve been messing about in photoshop animation trying to make one of my drawings move all by myself and I ended up with this GIF. I enjoyed the process and i’ll be making more soon!

    See a better version here


  15. I made this epic graphic novel for Wired Italy. It was written by Andrea Curiat.