1. My book arrived today!!!

  2. My new book WALL comes out on the 1st of October. Keep an eye out for more. 

  3. Only 1 month till my new book ‘WALL’ with Templar comes out. Oct 1st! 

  4. kids reading my book in a primary school. 

  5. Here’s a preview of something I’ve been doing…

  6. The New York Times. Gabriel Chevalier - Fear 

  7. Illustration for Georgia State University Magazine. 

  8. I had the pleasure of making the artwork for the mighty ‘Throne’. They have a new EP out buy it here http://indianface.bigcartel.com/product/where-tharsis-sleeps. Thanks to Nicos Livesey for this one! 

  9. A hairy bloke going for a run for The Sunday Times Magazine

  10. Illustration in the FT today for a review of Joshua Ferris ‘To Rise At A Decent Hour’

  11. Here are some of the small illustrated assets for the London Map I made which is coming out soon! 

  12. I’ve been messing about in photoshop animation trying to make one of my drawings move all by myself and I ended up with this GIF. I enjoyed the process and i’ll be making more soon!

    See a better version here


  13. I made this epic graphic novel for Wired Italy. It was written by Andrea Curiat. 

  14. Been doing a private commission more soon. 

  15. A recent illustration for the FT about shopping